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Our Tokaji Aszú Vertical Collection got a 2,1 million HUF bid at Győr

This was the highest bid amount in the event’s history

The 11th annual Kantharosz Charity Gala took place on the 13rd of April at Győr. We offered our most cherished wine collection for the good cause, the first Aszú Vertical Collection that was ever made at our winery. Every wine in the collection was created with grapes from the historical grand crus of Mád, representing the best quality vineyards in the area. But not only this makes it so special. We preserved this first collection for a special occasion like this and it was worth waiting for the perfect moment: it got the highest bid ever in the history of the charity event, 2 100 000 HUF.

The collection include 6 bottle of our CULTURE 6 puttonyos tokaji aszú from 6 consecutive vintages (2006-2011). The wines are placed in a limited edition wooden box which also contains an aszú booklet, introducing the vintages and is signed by Pascal Demkó, the founder and owner of HOLDVÖLGY and Bianka Jákób, chief winemaker. It is a true collector’s item: it is the first ever limited collection with the box number 001, and it is not available at the winery anymore.

A free visit and vertical aszú tasting lead by our winemaker at our Estate is also included in the offer.

Previous success

The award-winning wines of the collection were already recognized at an international luxury auction in Monaco organized by the ArtCurial Auction House where they attracted a bid of 4 000 EUR. This also proves that the tokaji aszú which is one of the most noble natural sweet wines in the world only gets more valuable through the years. It is not just for pleasure but can be a smart investment as well. Although the listed collection is not available anymore for commercial purposes, it can be purchased bottle by bottle through our webshop and there is also a second, limited edition Aszú Vertical Collection still available with the vintages of 2012-2017.

A higher purpose

The success at Győr was not only important because the quality and the aging potential of our wines got recognized, but it served a higher purpose as well. All the 23 000 000 HUF contribution collected during the event (bids and entry fees) will be distributed through a public tender among highly talented young people and children in need.

Photos created by: András Willingstorffer

vintage report



2022 was all about challenges and sad events in the world. Difficulties caused by the unusually extreme weather in Hungary deepened the problems. Solutions required deeper thoughts, more precise planning and harder decisions at the Estate this year. First and foremost the goal was to create all of our main products in high quality for two reasons: ensuring economic stability and providing continuity for our customers and partners. But in such a vintage we have never thought that creating rarities we have never made before could be possible. Collecting berries again for the CULTURE 6 puttonyos tokaji aszú was achievable, for the 17th time without interruption since 2006.

“This shows again that it is worth investing the highest level of professional work and knowledge into these historical first growth vineyards. The wines created in the most difficult vintages obviously show us that the original vineyard classification of the region (established hundred years ago) is more than valid also today.” – Pascal Demkó the founder and owner of HOLDVÖLGY


The winter of 21/22 was mild and poor of rain and snow. This made a well-paced pruning possible but had a substantial drawback as well: till the end of February the soil could not absorb enough water for the upcoming growing season which impacted the workload and the expenditures negatively throughout the year.

vintage report 2022 winter


Spring arrived slowly in March with chilly mornings and low temperatures which did not increase during the day either. As data show, these conditions lasted till April: the average monthly temperature (based on the previous years) fell behind with 1,94°C. Because of that, budding took place only on the 22nd of April at the Nyúlászó and Dorgó vineyards, 2 weeks later than usual. Thanks to the dry and warm weather in May the plant was able to catch-up. The first signs of blooming appeared on time on the 31st of May but continued imbalanced. 

The temperatures of June exceeded the usual average of the wine region by 2,85°C, and rain fell short by 59,1 which made this month the hottest and 3rd driest June of the last 50 years. The rapid increase in temperatures and the escalating drought had an adverse effect on all types of grapes but Hárslevelű experienced the most intensive stress of all. Less berries were impregnated which showed early signs of yield loss. Our team somewhat managed to counterbalance it, but only a substantial amount of rain could have been able to provide a final solution.



The summer was characterized by extreme heatwaves and drought and weather conditions also worsened further till the harvest. In July, temperatures stayed above 30°C and parallel to that the amount of rain was substantially lower than usual (52 mm less than the average amount). Temperatures started to cool down only at the end of August, but rain still remained absent. Based on meteorological data, the summer of 2022 was the driest and hottest of the last 100 years.
Till the end of the season plant growth slowed gradually, pulpy and water stressed berries appeared with high polyphenol content and sugar levels were skyrocketing. These conditions urged an early harvest of our dry wines, starting off with collecting the Zéta grape on the 24th of August and finishing the process on the 8th of September with our dry furmint. Despite these challenging circumstances the quality of the fruit exceeded our expectations, it was fine and juicy as it should be.



This period was followed by 3 weeks of constant rain. The amount of rainfall in September was 3 times higher than the average of the previous years. It caused severe problems. Sugar levels were declining and botrytis rose slowly because humidity and the foggy weather constantly diluted the berries. Last but not least grape skin became thicker due to the dry and warm summer conditions which made it harder for the botrytis to break through and hindered the healthy spread of mold. The rising pressure caused by the aforementioned circumstances aggravated the decision on the optimal date for our sweet harvest. Finally it started in the Nyúlászó vineyard on the 10th October, three weeks later than usual. Ensuring the HOLDVÖLGY quality for our flagship wine the 6 puttonyos tokaji aszú, we started harvesting our 1st class aszú berries only on the 19th of October. After this day harvest became slower and more time consuming. Our team had to revisit all of our parcells to collect enough grapes for the needed sweet presses. The harvest period ended on the 4th of November in the Becsek and Király vineyards.



2022 was definitely much more complicated than the previous vintages. The ripening process of the different varieties overlapped each other in a way never experienced before. The key was constant measurement and re-planning, only these could help setting the ideal harvest dates varieties by varieties to reach the required amounts of grapes.

Signs of heavy drought not only appeared on the bunches, but caused trouble during the winemaking process as well. The sweet components were thicker this year, which made the pressing and even the settlement of the stum more complicated and it caused a decrease in the amount of the pressed juice too. Despite all of these we will present a truly diverse portfolio with new wines, thanks to the careful, creative mindset and work of our winemaker.




  • VISION – Dry estate blend
  • MEDITATION – parcel selected dry Furmint
  • EXPRESSION – parcel selected dry Hárslevelű
  • INTUITION No2. – parcel selected Muscat a Petit Grains
  • ELOQUENCE – sweet szamorodni
  • EXALTATION – parcel selected late harvest Muscat a Petits Grains
  • INTUITION No1. – parcel selected sweet Zéta szamorodni
  • CULTURE – 6 puttonyos tokaji aszú
  • HOLD AND HOLLO DRY – dry blend
  • HOLD AND HOLLO UPPP – off-dry sparkling wine
  • HOLD AND HOLLO SWEET – sweet selection




  • INTUITION No4. – dry Kabar
  • INTUITION No5. – sweet Hárslevelű szamorodni
  • INTUITION No9. – sweet Furmint szamorodni


You can dowload our 2022 VINTAGE REPORT also in a pdf format here.

Source of the weather data displayed in the Vintage report 2022: Tarcal Research Institute – monthly report, newsletter (